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Prix Ouest-France - Etonnants Voyageurs 2011

The Shadow of Nemesis has been singled out for the Prix Ouest-France Etonnants Voyageurs which will be awarded during its literary festival in Saint-Malo on June 12, 2011.


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Prix Henri Quéffelec

Festival Livre et Mer 2011


The Shadow of Nemesis is a nominated finalist for the Prix Henri-Queffélec which will be awarded during the upcoming Festival Livre et Mer taking place in Concarneau, April 14 – 17, 2011.


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The work conveys information on two successive wars which took place in Cuba and which had significant consequences for the island’s population.

It also allows the reader to learn more about the world of sailboat navigation used for transport, which at the time was largely rivaling steamship navigation.


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Letter from Sailor Younig Poulizan

(July 1898)

At sea, Tuesday, July 26, 1898

My dearest parents,

I have set sail with Morvan Cloître, mousse on board the Némésis ! As eager as he for adventure, body and soul are held in thrall to the ship commanded by Captain Louis Aurélien, whom we call “The Graduate.”


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An exciting historical adventure novel, just the way I like them! (Gérard Collard)

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Valérie Expert


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Marine de Tilly, Literary Critic

With unsettling skillfullness in this first ambitious book, François Adrien uses all the tricks of the seafaring adventure novel trade, and give us a kind of Sir Francis Drake of the Caribbean. Watch out, Robert Louis Stevenson!


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Nantes - Thursday, October 14, 2010

While from October 15-23 Cuban culture is being feted in the city [Nantes], the writer François Adrien launches the festivities by presenting his historical novel, The Shadow of Nemesis.


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La Jaune et la Rouge, “Polytechnique” Alumni Association

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to factual happenings having taken place, is purely coincidental…


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Encounter with Readers, Paris, November 4, 2010

Photo of Francois Adrien, signing at Virgin


Librairie Virgin des Quatre Temps

(Paris-La Défense)


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¡Hola Cuba!

This historical novel holds our interest twofold:

– It furnishes quantities of information on a little known period of Cuban history (the Spanish-(Cuban)-American War of the end of the 19th century.

– This war is observed through the eyes of the sea captain of the Némésis, a ship built in 1875 in Nantes at the Tillé shipyard.


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“Les Ensablés, Survivre en littérature”

Blog by Hervé Bel, Author of "La nuit du Vojd"

Here is a text which should be read by an adolescent to whom we are trying to impart the love of reading (and of 19th century boats, another domain in which François Adrien – a sailor himself – excels in giving us a multitude of details).


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“Ecole Navale” Alumni Association

The author portrays naval tactics as vividly as he does concentration camps. He recounts the life of true heroes… and of a heroine we would love to encounter.


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“Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale” Alumni Association

2A-IH Info, Lettre d’information de l’Association des Auditeurs de l’IHEDN

Beyond its captiving qualities as a novel, this book furnishes us with invaluable insight regarding issues of contemporary Cuban history, one of which is the control of Guantanamo by the United States.


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Naciones amigas en Europa, África y Asia celebran efeméride cubana

En la ciudad francesa de Nantes, más de 60 personas asistieron a la inauguración de las festividades dedicadas al Día de la Cultura Cubana...

El escritor francés François Adrien presentó su novela histórica La Sombra de Némesis, sobre la guerra hispano-cubano-norteamericana, vista a través de los testimonios del capitán de un barco y un joven cubano que trabajaba en los cañaverales...


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