Table of Contents

From chapter to chapter, the novel follows the travels of Louis and Gabriela throughout Cuba and the Caribbean during a time of war.

Itinerary of the Némésis, Cuba, 1898
Itinerary of the Némésis – click to enlarge

1. Remember the Maine! [Read Chapter 1]

2. The Némésis

3. Three Movements of the French Tricolor

4. There’ll Be a Hot Time on the Nemesis, Tonight

5. The Graduate

6. Atlantic Freshwater

7. The Carsawene [Read Chapter 7]

8. The Amapa “War”

9. Adze and Brace at Low Tide

10. An Explosives Maker in the Caribbean

11. A Hot Time in the Old Town

12. The Ylang-Ylang Chamber

13. It Warms the Blood

14. Joaquin’s Coffin

15. You Can’t Fight a War with Candy!

Gabriela’s itinerary, Cuba, 1898
Gabriela’s itinerary – click to enlarge

16. Tell Mr. Aurelien I’m Gone

17. The Sinking of the Maine

18. Candice

19. Cabana’s Dungeons

20. Filibustero

21. Jeremy, You’re Alive!

22. Escape

23. Flight

24. With the Mambi Army

25. Blessed Be The Torch!

26. In Santiago’s Net

27. Gussie’s Expedition

28. The Marines at Guantanamo [Read Chapter 28]

29. A Splendid Little War

30. We Won’t Survive a New Victory

31. The Careening

32. Snow Falling on Coffee Trees

33. To Battle! Now!

34. Death of a Fleet

35. Mother, Gabriela… or Candice ?

36. Journalism That Acts

37. Hampton Roads, Virginia